Selasa, 04 April 2017

The Things That I Learn From College

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Haiiiiiii! OMG it soooooo good to be back. I'm so sorry that i had to take hiatus for few years, because man, college life is soooo hectic. Plus i just finished my bachelor thesis and my last exam (the oral exam). And i have to announce you that i just graduated from college. YAYYYYYY! I mean i havent do the celebration (graduation) yet, but technically i have graduated, you get what i mean?

So, after the long process, finally i could make it :"") So happy and relieved at the same time. So, for me college is the one of the important phase of my life, totally different with high school and more challenging. So I want to take a list, the things that i learned a lot from college. 

1. Never. Ever. Give. Up. When i knew I got accepted in IT, i cried so hard because IT was not my first choice major. Plus I really have no basic and have no idea about IT. I really had a rough start, i had a hard time to adjust with the lecture and the first semester was like a hell for me. I have to accustomed to the way of thinking logically and all the programming things that i really want to cry every time i did the homework. And then i realized, that i couldnt be that way. I really have to get up and said to myself that no matter what will happen, you're gonna be fine. And that works! I start to thinking that i have to do this and i have to survive all of these for your own sake! I lost count how many times i want to give up when i did my bachelor thesis, all the slepless and lots of crying nights because i was sooooo tired. Tired with project, revision, my lecturers, and all the pressure from friends and situation. But you have to know, at the end of the day, all of those gonna pass and you gonna be fine. So, if you're tired, take a rest but dont give up. You never know what will happen to the future.  So you gotta finished what you started!

2. Independent. Before I got college, i see myself as somebody that dependant to someone else. And i have to force myself to be independent woman, because college is totally different with high school. You can't keep relying on somebody else, you have to start to take care yourself. Starting from your schedule, your strategic, your dorm, your vision about your future. You have to start to plan out what will you do in college. I think the most different part of me after i got college is I can cook! hahaha And i able to get to know more about me, more listening the voice in my head, more understand when i have to decided something and when i have to ask someone else. And i think, the good side being in college is you have the opportunity to know more about your capability and weakness.

3. Brave. For me, college is a survival event. If you brave, you gonna finish what you started, so you keep running. But if you don't, you gonna back off and move. I think thats explain the whole point. 

4. It's Okay To Be Not Okay. I have lots of hard time in college. Starting from friends, homesick, and other college girl problems. And then i realized that you dont have to be the happy and perfect girl all the time. It's ok to be sad. It's ok to be not okay. it's ok to be bitch (ha!). Because those feeling show you that you're just ordinary girl. 

5. Be Positive. I think the most important part to tackle your difficulties and sadness is be positive. It feels so amazing, when you have a positive minds and the universe like always agree with you.