Minggu, 19 Juni 2011

One Year With Unisef

One year was passed over I spend my line in senior high. I’m get in science program with friends whose bright brain, certainly.We’re seven Wynes, Yunita, Lele, Shafira, Firman, Inmas, and me also get in science program. Unbelievable. I cant believe that we really can get in together. But, of course I also really sad have to separate with them. Unisef. Friends who have been in one year accompany me in senior high. Have to separate by fate that separate time and place. Dutaa, oh I gonna miss him. Amaraa, Muji. Until now, honestly I still cant believe they’re not with me. But decision is decision. This is choice of Allah for us. But I’m pretty sure, we will more often meet each other. Because we’re still in same school. 

I always love you, Unisef :D

the pics

Good bye Unisef,



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