Sabtu, 25 Desember 2010

between u and me

My tears fall down, looking at his message. My heart is broken like has caught by tiger.

“ Aku emang udah ga ada rasa. Maafin aku kalo ngecewain kamu.”

I don’t know how, I keep cried. I cried in the middle of night and the corner of my room. And I just said “ sorry” for him. After few months we’re close we have relationship without status, and when u said u don’t have crush with me, im like fell in high and dark hole. Its really hurt. When I first saw u, actually I don’t have crush at all. But, when u give ur attention, u always tease me, And my friends always talk about you and me. I can defend myself to like you. I LIKE YOU. You can make me laugh, u could became as my brother because ur attention. U always texted with me in the night. After u give the sweetest memorial, u leave me away… I just can made this life experience as my lesson in my life, After that, we fighted via message. You said that im not person who you know. Don’t u know, its really hurt when u said it. But, ill forget it.We’re still friend :D

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