Selasa, 21 Februari 2012

One Day - David Nicholl

" “He wanted to live life in such a way that if a photograph were taken at random, it would be a cool photograph.”

The book follows the lives of Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhem, two friends who met at their graduation, one day each year over a course of twenty years. Each year the characters are in a different place in their lives and in their relationship. Throughout the years, we see their ups and downfalls and how they grow more mature - and soon - closer to each other.

This book is so beautifully written, and the story so original that it is wonderful to read. The characters are vividly described, and they stay true to themselves throughout the whole book. They both have flaws and negative sides, as well as positive qualities, making them come alive in a way that you seldom experience in books. And in the end, you really do feel that you've made two new friends. "One Day" is very original, and you don’t only get a wonderful storyline, you also get an impression on how life is for a young, struggling student, and how life might take unexpected twists, that may initially seem like a setback, but then later turn into a promising possibility.

Nicholls describes life over twenty years, the changes, the difficulties, computers and internet. He distinguishes the change in social roles, and how a coincidental meeting can alter your whole life. All in all, this is a book full of emotions; fear of the unknown, nostalgia, happiness, sadness, love, irritation, bitterness. It is inspiring, beautiful, original, breathtaking, hopeful and moving.

Also, it is an astonishingly heartfelt book that made me cry huhu.So, Happy Reading guys ! :)

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